Data Visualization

Visualizing Variance in Multilevel Models Using the Riverplot Package

Spurred on by Alex Shackman, I have been working to figure out a good way to visualize different sources of variation in momentary mood. The most common way of visually depicting variance decompositions from the sort of multilevel models we used to analyze our data is a stacked bar plot. So that seemed like a good place to start. Figure 1. Stacked Barplot of Model Variance Decomposition Now, choosing a color scheme that screams “HI I’M A COLOR!

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Introducing IBI VizEdit: An RShiny Application

It is official. The program I have spent the better part of a year working on, the very centerpiece of my dissertation, works. Or at least, early indicators are in, and based on 22 cases, some of which required a great deal of manual editing, the program is returning estimates in line with expectations. Backing up, as I trip a little over my excitement, IBI VizEdit is an Rshiny application I created to help the Laboratory for the Study of Child and Family Relationships process and edit heart rate data.

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Interaction Plots with Continuous Moderators in R

Long ago (the first half of my grad school life), I created a model for a manuscript I submitted. The paper was focused on adolescents’ appraisals of their relationships with their mothers, fathers, and best friends. Specifically, I wanted to test whether the association between different motivations for social withdrawal (i.e., removing oneself from social activities and interactions) and internalizing symptoms varied as a function of perceived support in any one (or all three) of these relationships.

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